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SAJ Audio Resources

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Torah Blessings
Reconstructionist Text Before Audio After Audio
Traditional Text Before Audio After Audio


Shabbat Home Blessings
Shalom Aleichem - Goldfarb Audio
Shalom Aleichem - Friedman Audio
Candle Blessing Audio
Blessing for the Children Audio
Kiddish - Vay'chulu Audio
Kiddish - Blessings Audio
Blessing for Hand Washing (N'tilat Yadayim) Audio
Blessing Over Bread (HaMotzi) Audio


Chanukkah Blessings
Text Blessing 1 Audio Blessing 2 Audio Blessing 3 (Shehecheyanu) Audio


Megillat Esther Trope

The Four Questions Text Audio


Title Description
Tov L'hodot It is good to give thanks. From the beginning text of Psalm 92, one of the Psalms for Shabbat.
Or Chadash Let a new light shine forever upon Zion. The final words of the morning Yotzeir-Creation prayer.
Vay'hi Binsoa Melody for removal of the Torah from the ark.
Psalm 23 - Adonai Roi A rendition of Psalm 23 by Gerald Cohen chanted during Yizkor.
Ve'Taher Libeinu Chasidic Shabbat morning liturgy.
Achat Sha'alti A melody by Yosef Karuduner sung as part of our observance of the month of Elul and in preparation for the Days of Awe.
Hayom T'amtzeinu From Yom Kippur liturgy. Music by Naomi Less and Glenn Grossman.
Ein Keloheinu A special jazz rendition of Ein Keloheinu, by Ami Aloni.
Tsena, Tsena

Israeli folk song. By Isaachar Miron.

Mah Ashiv

A song from Psalm 116 in Hallel. Music by Sam Glaser.


Shiva Minyan Resources
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Evening songs and prayers

Ma'ariv Simple Nusach recordings

Ma'ariv recordings

Ma'ariv texts
Afternoon songs and prayers Mincha recordings Mincha texts


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