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Selichot: Starting the Sorry

Selichot: Starting the Sorry
A Havdalah & Writing Workshop with Liturgist Trisha Arlin
Followed by a Selichot Service led by Trisha Arlin & Reconstructionist Clergy

Hosted by Reconstructionist Congregations Kehillath Shalom (Huntington, NY), SAJ-Judaism that Stands for All (NYC), Or Haneshamah (Ottawa), Shir Hadash (Milwalkee), Columbia Jewish Congregation (Columbia, MD) 

Saturday, September 17, 2022 @ 8:00pm EST/7:00pm CST

During the month of Elul, the month leading up to the High Holidays, many of us deeply consider how we have hurt other people and begin to make teshuvah (repair, repentance). On Selichot, another step of preparation for these Holy Days,, this process of teshuvah is heightened as we encounter the traditional prayers of forgiveness recited throughout Yom Kippur.  

With special guest teacher Trisha Arlin, a contemporary liturgist whose writings have been incorporated into services and ritual occasions at venues of all denominations across the U.S., we will examine some of the prayers of Selichot and Yom Kippur. We  will consider: How do the traditional prayers of asking and receiving forgiveness help us process our current and very real regrets, confessions and apologies? What about our anger and yes, our relief, when we are the ones getting the apologies? What if we don’t feel like making or accepting apologies to our people, or God?  

Arlin will give guidance through discussion, meditation and prompts to write your own reflections on these High Holiday themes. For those of you who would prefer not to write, the writing prompts can be used as opportunities for guided meditation and you can share your thoughts and feelings instead of your writing.

Trisha Arlin is a liturgist, writer, performer and student of prayer living in Brooklyn, NY. 

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Fri, April 12 2024 4 Nisan 5784