Tish Program

*The Tish program is every Shabbat from 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM.*


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Sample Tish Recap (From October 17, 2015)

Lester Shane brought down the house with an excellent Tish entitled "A Salesman in Two Civilizations", which focused on his ideas about directing the Yiddish translation of Arthur Miller's classic drama. Lester started with a sweeping history of the Yiddish theater, which began in 1874 when touring companies started performing musicals throughout Russian and Eastern Europe. Before then, Purimspiels were the main form of performance in Yiddish. One of the leading companies from Vilna ended up moving to Poland and began performing serious dramas. The Dybbuk was one of the most successful early dramas, which detailed the travails of a bride possessed by an evil spirit. It was also the first play that Lester ever saw his father, Sam Shane, act in. Lester then weaved a tale about his father's acting career, he and his father's interactions with central figures of the Yiddish theater such as Joseph Buloff, Maurice Schwartz, and Eli Mintz, his witness as a young man of Yiddish theater in NYC, and the moment at which the theatre bug grabbed him as a four year old, as he stood between racks of costumes watching the ghost light on an empty stage. Lester then gave a scene by scene dissection of how he would have adapted the Joseph Buloff script, which it turns out was premiered without permission in Buenos Aires. Unfortunately the Dybbuk of the Yiddish theater, the propensity to argue, fight, and storm out in disagreement, doomed Lester's efforts at directing. But, as he pointed out, as the last line of his Tish, nothing could ever dampen his enthusiasm for the theatre: "

In the glow of that lamp I could see all the dust motes dancing.  And I knew.  Standing in the dark, surrounded by that smelly Hasidic garb, I knew I had to spend my life in the place where dust dances in the light." 


The discussion following the ranged far and wide, from the history of Miller's commentary about whether the Loman family was Jewish (Miller said they were but far removed from their Judaism), to Miller's relationship to Marilyn Monroe, to actual memories of Miller as a young man attending a Bar Mitzvah that Myra Zuckerbraun had attended.


Share your Knowledge and Enthusiasm at a Tish Shabbat Mornings

Shel Schiffman and Dan Woods, who recruit and schedule speakers for the tish program, would like to remind SAJ members to consider sharing their knowledge about a Jewish topic. 

The tish program has been going for 15 years. We meet at 9:00 AM on Shabbat and receive a presentation on a topic that falls into one of the following categories:

  • An aspect of Jewish civilization (history, literature, the arts, customs, etc.)
  • An issue in the Jewish community
  • Any general ethical or social justice issue
  • Yourself (your work, or your passion, something that helps us know you better)

TIsh speakers generally offer a 15 to 20 minute presentation followed by discussion. But sometimes, especially for a current controversial issue, a short introduction is followed by a discussion. 

Please reach out to Shel Schiffman (sds80@columbia.edu) or Dan Woods (Dan@DanWoods.NYC) if you would like to get on the schedule, or just attend a tish to find out more.

Tue, September 26 2017 6 Tishrei 5778