In 2017 - 2018 our new                                        7th/8th grade combined tween class &             9th - 12th

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Teen Program (7th - 9th Grades)

The SAJ Teen Program is an opportunity for teens to learn about and consider Judaism in deeper ways. Our goal in the Teen Program is for students to continue to experience Judaism on their own terms and as teens who are developmentally geared to begin consciously defining their identity in these years we will channel this passion towards grappling with the question: What does my Jewish identity mean to me? To my peers? We also strive to solidify our sense of community and connection to the SAJ.

The SAJ Teen Program is focused on three distinct areas: socializing, academic study, spiritual and Justice experiences and exploration of Reconstructionism. Although all categories clearly overlap, they can be fulfilled as follows.

Grade 7

Bryce Diamond and Debbie Vishnevsky (learn more about these wonderful humans here) are co-facilitating this identity exploration program will be created in-part by teens as they discover; i.e. “What kind of... friend, student/worker, family member, I? What does Judaism say about my intended role? How do I feel about it?”

We will unearth Judaism as portrayed in TV, videos, games, news, our lives and history - how do we tap into ourselves and see a reflection in those portrayals?

We meet: Two Sundays/ month from 11:00 AM —1:00 PM starting Sept. 18.

We extend our meeting hours for special trips: Nov 20., Feb 5., April 23!

 See SAJ calendar for all dates.

Note: Contact Tehilah if your 7th grader is interested in the Teaching Assistant track.             

The seventh grade studies the theme: How do Jewish adults connect with their Jewish identities?  In exploring this theme, the seventh grade focuses on the following areas: Reconstructionist Judaism, Jewish humor, Jewish prayer, Jewish food, American Jewish history, Tzedek/Social Justice, Theology and Theodicy, Israel, film, Jewish cooking, text study, and New York Jewish identity. 

Seventh graders are not required to participate in JJP classes.  However, the courses are available to them and they are able to decide on a semester by semester basis if they would like to take advantage of this option.  Seventh Grade Makom is scheduled so that it will not conflict with JJP Sunday Intensives.


  Grades 8 - 9

SAJ’s Teen Program is growing!

This monthly program, facilitated by Rabbi Lauren and Tehilah, creates opportunities for: empowerment as humans, life skill-building, self-reflection and horizon-broadening within a Jewish communal context.

The sessions emphasize focused social action built off peer discussions on traditional stories and laws, citing Jewish responsibility into action in our world today.

אם אין אני לי, מי לי? וכשאני לעצמי, מה אני? ואם לא עכשיו, אימתי?

If I am not for me, who will be for me? And when I am for myself alone, what am I? And if not now, then when?  

           - Pirkei Avot/Ethics of our Ancestors, Mishnah 1:14

We meet: Sundays, from 11:00 AM —1:00 PM starting on September 25, (Hours extended on days when teens co-plan special social action events - see SAJ calendar for updates.) 

Check the calendar here to see our monthly meetings.

Thursday, May 25 2017 29 Iyar 5777