Peek into our Shabbat Classes

Pela on 2/10:

 Saturday @ SAJ:
  • Dirt and worms help what?
  • Who can we help?

  • Sing Purim songs (options: m’shenichnas adar, lakovah sheli, chag purim)

  • On Purim we remember Queen Esther who helped keep people safe and Mordechai who helped her. There was a man named Haman who was angry all the time and mean, Queen Esther reminded him you can’t hurt people when you’re feeling angry

Makom Saturday (2/10):
  • We will learn about responsibility to our community through the story of Purim.


  • We will learn about the upcoming holiday, Purim, the Mitzvot for Purim (Mishloach Manot, Money for the Poor, Hearing the Megilah, and dress up to be silly!

  • We will review the Jewish personalities we’ve “met” over the first part of the year: devorah, yehudit/judith, joseph, macabees, moses, choni, esther, etc.
  • Find Purim in the Jewish timeline and organize the story following cause and effect.

  • Empanthy: Who have you felt like: Achashverosh, Bigtan and Teresh, Mordechai, Haman, Esther, the Jewish people.


Near Valentine's Day: with a love for other religions and how they experience kehilla

  • What are some practices make our Jewish kehillot different from other religious communities? (Use Purim Lens, they studied this last year, and use shabbat lens)

  • What are the different communities highlighting, in your opinion in their differences around Purim and Shabbat (or Kosher) practices?

    • Muslim Uma

    • Christian

  • What makes Jewish kehilla similar to other religious communities?


We learned how Jewish people around the world observe their faith thorough integration with their local customs. 


Mon, February 19 2018 4 Adar 5778