JJP at SAJ (Grades K-3)

JJP at SAJ Grades K - 3

Grades K and 1

Students attend one day a week

Shabbat (Saturday), 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM

This program is designed to encourage our youngest students to explore Judaism in an environment of discovery that will allow them to blossom and grow as Jewish learners. This group spends time during each session exploring different activities that empower each child to explore aspects of Jewish learning through a variety of modalities that suit all of the learning styles.

These years are full of first encounters with core Jewish subjects.  The Hebrew letters, holidays and Torah stories are all introduced and explored through a variety of interactive, experiential approaches.  Upon completion of the K/1 class, students will be able to recognize all Hebrew letters and will know basic facts about the Jewish year cycle and Torah stories from the book of Genesis.


Grades 2 and 3

Students attend one day a week

Shabbat (Saturday), 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM


This program is intended to help our second and third graders become connected to Jewish life and culture in such a way that they begin to see Judaism as a source of spiritual and emotional nourishment.  In these years, we continue to draw from the exploratory approach of the Kindergarten and first grade program, while adding content and age appropriate exploration.

Second and third graders learn to read Hebrew in interactive, fun ways that incorporate both modern and prayer Hebrew.  Students begin to explore the deeper meanings of synagogue prayers both through classroom study and through participation in the Family Services.  By the end of second grade, students are able to recognize all Hebrew letters and vowels and know the sound each one makes. By the time students leave the 3rd grade they can begin to read Hebrew words.

We study Torah stories from Genesis through Exodus with a focus on and the year cycle including both major and minor Jewish holidays using art, drama, music, discussion, and writing.  They also learn about the Hebrew calendar and begin to explore the Reconstructionist approach to Judaism, learning that we “live in two civilizations” – the Jewish and the American.

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