Adult Education

SAJ offers a number of courses, speakers and programs on a variety of topics.

Wise Aging Class Led by Rabbi Michael Strassfeld

There is a moment when you wonder where did the last ten years (or twenty) go.  In other words your self definition becomes uncertain.  From 20-40 something, your body was a dependable vehicle for your being. It now seems not so dependable. Your definition of yourself by your work diminishes as you retire or consider retiring. Most of all you wonder what it was all about and you worry about what you perceive as the inevitable decline of the coming years.

This is a new stage of life as people live longer and in better health. This generation will help redefine this stage of life from its old depressing stereotypes. In this class, we will use a new book Wise Aging by Rachel Cowan and Linda Thal to explore how we can shape this period of life, whether we are already in it or it still lies down the road for us. How do we continue to grow? What spiritual qualities should we strive to cultivate?  How do we live with loss? How do we redefine relationships? How do we revise our own story?   In other words how do we look back and look forward with both a sense of reality and with a sense of the  potential of these coming years?

We will study, discuss, engage in a variety of exercises to help us guide us on our way.

The cost is $30, and includes a copy of the book and additional materials.

Seven sessions - October 29, November 5, 12, 19, December 3, 10, 17.

All sessions meet 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM.

E-mail Michelle Katz to register.

Mens Torah Study Class: The Life of David

Led by Rabbi Michael Strassfeld

“David is the first person in history whose tale is complete and vital, laced with passions, savagery, hesitation, betrayal, charisma, faith, family---the rich canvas of a large life."--Rabbi David Wolpe

In this third and final year of this class, we will continue to examine the Biblical account of King David. He has risen to be the king of all of Israel. Powerful in the world, his family will disintegrate around him. We will follow the arc of his life into the first real Biblical description of old age.

Feel free to join even if you haven’t attended previously.

NEW TIME: Tuesdays 10AM every other week beginning October 21

This class is open to men 65 and over, and is for SAJ members only.


Sundays, 7:30 PM in a member’s home
October 26, December 7, January 11, February 15, March 22, May 3

In this discussion group we read (in advance) and then meet to discuss provocative and challenging essays, articles and books dealing with current issues in Judaism and Jewish life. The group is led by SAJ member Shel Schiffman, who selects topics and texts (but welcomes suggestions from the group) and moderates the discussion. To facilitate discussion, the group is limited to sixteen pre-registered participants.