Society for the Advancement of Judaism

A tradition can live only so long as it continues to change.”
  —Rabbi Mordecai M. Kaplan


Click here for SAJ Vision Statement for 2016-2021.  Written by ​Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann, September 2016

Hiddur Shabbat & Community Shir

SAJ's resident four-piece band joins for the monthly Hiddur Shabbat Service  Saturday, April 22 at 10:00 AM. The service is led by Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann and Cantor Lisa Arbisser and accompanied by Naomi Less on guitar/vocals, Shy Kedmi on keyboard, Glenn Grossman on percussion and David Meer on Double Bass.  All are welcome for this special service.

We continue with our special Community Shir (singing) at 12:00 PM, followed by Kiddush at 12:30 PM. Be sure to join us for collective singing this Shabbat!

Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Lauren

“Women in the Torah and Midrash: Exploring Genesis”
Taught by Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann

12:00 - 1:30 PM

Bring your own nosh, SAJ will provide drinks.  

RSVPs helpful (but ok to come regardless!)

In each session, we will explore women and women’s roles as written in the Torah and explored in rabbinic midrash and/or modern interpretation.  Through each session, we will look at texts and think critically about why the torah was written as it was and its implications for today.  Each session will stand on its own, so feel free to come to all or none or any number in between. The next session is:

Wednesday, May 10: Who are our Matriarchs & Who Decides: The Role of Bilhah, Zilpah & beyond

More information and registration available here.

Tue, 25 April 2017 29 Nisan 5777