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“A tradition can live only so long as it continues to change.”—Rabbi Mordecai M. Kaplan

Welcome to The SAJ Synagogue Community

We’re a community that believes it’s possible to lead a 21st-century life that is deeply rooted in both Jewish tradition and contemporary civilization. Judaism helps us find meaning and inspiration as we seek to lead lives committed to spiritual growth, social justice, and building community. We welcome the richness that diversity brings to this community, where we learn about, struggle with, and even question our Judaism as we continue to "reconstruct" it for our times.

Featured Programs

Getting Ready for Passover

A Night of Questions

Monday, April 14 - Tuesday, April 22

Monday, April 21, 10:00 AM - 7th Day Passover Service at the SAJ (including Yizkor)

Note: There will be no JJP at SAJ or Makom Saturday, April 12 through Tuesday, April 22. We will return on Saturday, April 26. Check the Jewish Journey Project website for the schedules of your child's JJP Citywide courses.  Read more»

Revolutionary Jewish Learning Experience for Children Grades 4 - 8

Jewish Journey Project logo

For children in grades 4th - 8th, the Jewish Journey Project (JJP) is a new, revolutionary Jewish learning experience for children and their families.

The whole community becomes a living classroom where every learner's individual interests and abilities help shape an inventive, personalized, experiential curriculum. JJP offers multiple pathways toward a lifelong commitment to Jewish life and values.  Read more»

Learning Resources

Click here to see a list of learning resources. There are audio recordings and words of prayers and songs, as well as instructions for ritual ceremonies.

Rabbi Strassfeld Thoughts

Rabbis, Speaking Out and Israel

This past week the rabbis of Bnai Jeshurun sent out an email congratulating the UN for the overwhelming vote in favor of recognizing Palestine as a state. They saw the vote as a step in the right direction toward the Palestinians achieving independence and toward the realization of a two state solution. This provoked a front page story in the NY Times about the ensuing controversy which led to an expression of regret by the Bnai Jeshurun rabbis about the tone and language but not really the substance of the original email.  Read more»

SAJ Essentials

Engaging Spiritual Life

image of the letter kuf from the San Francisco museum of contemporary Jewish art

The SAJ is committed to the spiritual lives of its congregants. Congregants take an active role in all aspects of the service. Cantor Arbisser welcomes everyone to sing with her throughout the service. Rabbi Strassfeld leads a Torah discussion as opposed to delivering a sermon.  Read more»

Welcoming Family Services

Image of cover of Siddur Kol HaNoar

Our interactive family services are rich with story telling, singing, movement and connection --a service where no one is a stranger and everyone is a friend.  Read more»