Featured Programs

Children's Service

Saturday, December 13, 2014 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

This week, as parents are invited to the Sanctuary at 11:30 AM for a special storytelling event to honor Rabbi Strassfeld on his retirement, learners K-3 will have their own service, led by Rabbi Lori and songleader Megan Sass.

Barry Holtz: "Rabbi Akiva—Tales of a Self-Created Sage"

Saturday, December 13, 2014 - 1:15pm to 2:15pm

In this study session we will look at stories about the early life of the greatest figure in the world of the Talmud, Rabbi Akiva, using these tales as examples of the way that that the rabbinic tale can be interpreted. 

Nature or nurture—it is an age-old debate. In this session we will look at traditions about Rabbi Akiva’s innate talent and the way that he discovered his calling as a rabbi.  What did this mean for his relationship with his teachers? What was his vision of himself as a sage? What new insight did he bring to the founding days of Judaism?

Rabbi Strassfeld Thoughts

The Challenge of Modernity

The question of the role of non-Jews in the Jewish community is part of a larger conversation about the place of Jews in the modern world. How should we respond to the challenges of an open society that welcomes Jews to be fully integrated in that society? One statistic alone says it all-Jews are the most admired ethnic group in America today.

SAJ Essentials

Revolutionary Jewish Learning Experience for Children Grades 4 - 8

Jewish Journey Project logo

For children in grades 4th - 7th, the Jewish Journey Project (JJP) is a new, revolutionary Jewish learning experience for children and their families.

The whole community becomes a living classroom where every learner's individual interests and abilities help shape an inventive, personalized, experiential curriculum. JJP offers multiple pathways toward a lifelong commitment to Jewish life and values.

Please call our office at 212-724-7172 for more information.

The Spiritual Life of the SAJ

image of the letter kuf from the San Francisco museum of contemporary Jewish art

The SAJ is committed to the spiritual lives of its congregants. Congregants take an active role in all aspects of the service. Cantor Arbisser welcomes everyone to sing with her throughout the service. Rabbi Strassfeld leads a Torah discussion as opposed to delivering a sermon.

Welcoming Family Services

Image of cover of Siddur Kol HaNoar

Our interactive family services are rich with story telling, singing, movement and connection—a service where no one is a stranger and everyone is a friend.

Community Meals

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Community meals are an important part of the SAJ community. Learn about our potluck dinners and Shabbat Kiddush.